Fushion ll Fashion Show Review

Heyy Bellas and Bellos !

I apologize for this being dumb late! I lost all motivation when I first wrote this and didnt save it correctly D: lol but let me continue onto the review. I haven’t been to a fashion show in a while, so I was uber excited that this was the first one I was able to attend this year. This urban fashion show was hosted by Elite Haze Modeling featuring a dj, dance group selection, and the most designers I have ever seen collaborate for a show. This show featured designs from Parakiss, Blaise, Brilliant, iish, Molo, LBD, and MrsLBD. Because of this diverse group of developers the guests were able to see items from menswear, women’s wear, and even kid’s wear, so there was a little something for everyone to enjoy. Not only were their multiple collections cohesive between the seven developers but the room location complimented the clothes perfectly. This show took place on an abandoned block decorated with rails, benches, and a street light. It was lightly decorated but you can see time and consideration were taken when choosing the scenery. In addition, this was actually one of the longest fashion shows I have ever attended. I do believe it felt like 15min and that’s literally the time it took for all of the models to walk the runway showcasing all seven developers outfits. This was all a pleasant surprise for me since I’m use to attending shows were the models are on and off the runway in like 2 minutes. I was able to capture pictures and actually take the time to see the work put into every piece. Beautiful show and can’t wait to see what else these developers and modeling agency has in store!

Models:LitoCruz, SelinaCruz, boisestang, KisaStang, Tayasaya, lntaglio, oXoBLOVEoXo, SouthernPeachez, MRZIILLICIT

Pre-Show: boisestang, Oop, Brvss, LitoCruz, SouthernPeachez

All pictures below were taken by me {Chrisette}. All developers names below will link you to their catalog when clicked and the video at the end is by a contractor for Elite Haze Modeling.

iish BrilliantBlaiseParakiss Molo

Until next time Bellas and Bellos :* !

UFS (26)

UFS (25)

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Are yall still there?!; OOTD

Heyyyy Bellas and Bellos !

I sure do hope yall are still there lol. I am uber excited to start this blog back up and hope yall are just as excited to view and read it! I know I’ve been gone for umm Lord only knows how long but I am back {:. Am I back permanently? I’m not sure yet. Will I post often? Maybe or maybe not, it will just all depend on how I’m feeling, how yall are responding to the blog, and if I feel like something needs to be addressed. I’m sure most of my veteran followers of the blog know that I love letting you guys know what’s trending in IMVU’s fashion world but I also have passion for motivating and educating you guys as well with my brief posts about self esteem and RL issues. Now that we’ve addressed that, I guess I’ll start my first post back with an OOTD.

I’ve been in such a Tom-Boyish mood which inspired the outfit below. I’ve never been a fan of the all baggy look but I’m actually loving it these days. I also think the top by Blaise adds a of sex appeal to this chill outfit without it looking overly sexual.

Top BottomShoes


Drum Roll…The Winner is…?

Mini Kouture Pageant

Mini Kouture Pageant

Hey Kiddies, tosses beads to everyone. What a weekend huh? This past Friday Kiddie Kouture Hosted our first pageant “Mini Kiddie Kouture Pageant”. Anything that could go wrong went wrong during the planning of this pageant just days before. Somehow us Kiddie Kouture Founders managed to get it together at the last minute. Everything worked out for the best and the Pageant was a success. All of our contestants performed great that night. Although they all did a wonderful job, only one contestant could win “Mini Kiddie Kouture Pageant”. The Pageant theme was Mardi Gras and let me tell you, all these kiddies came out looking amazing. Our Pageant winner stole the judges hearts with her bubbly personality. Due to her bright talent performance she was nicknamed little miss sunshine for the rest of the night lol. Although this was her first pageant she really proved herself against the other pro pageant girls. So lets give a round of applause for our New Mini Kiddie Kouture Pageant 2014 Winner Tiffanyy! Congrats to her! ~Claps~ She truly deserved to win. Tiffanyy is such a pocket full of sunshine lol. Thanks to all the contestants that competed that night you all were awesome keep up the good work. Congrats once again Tiffanyy ^_^.

Winner Tiffanyy!



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Fashion Forward

Heyy Bellas and Bellos !

I’m just stopping by to let you all know of some upcoming events on IMVU. Mhm, and any other random news I think yall should know about. {: So lets start with le’fashion shows!


Yesss hunnay, you know what that means! Maternity outfits will be on the runway! I have been waiting so long for a prego show lol, cause for some odd reason I really love maternity clothing on IMVU. Its probably my baby fever V_V but thats neither here nor there.  So please RSVP by clicking here and joining the group, then typing “RSVP 1st or 2nd show,” in the appropriate thread.


 That’s right IMVU’s well known fashion group Wardrobe is hosting their very first fashion week! And I’m pretty stoked, to see exactly how they’ll execute. I love fashion weeks, the last one I attended was pretty well put together and that was hosted a while ago by Trend Magazine; and I know this one will be just as good. Their fashion week feature developers such as Nylo, Toria, Kalifornia, Stanch, Twigs, and Niraja.

Wardrobe Staff: TemiRae, Fez, Fabb, and Ccorri

Btw dates and times have not been chosen yet so please stay tuned. I’ll update you when I’m updated.


Btw, I have a new favorite IMVU magazine. So please take the time to check out Fierce Magazine

{The Magazine is on the product page, you do not have to buy the product}

Things I enjoyed about the magazine:

-Great Interviews !

-Eye Catching Advertisements

-The Shade Connoisseur aka Marlo

Thats all for now *smooches* bellas and bellos {:

Mizani x Setté

Review from the lovely frenchie91 !

Frenchie Baby!

Mizani and Chrisette showcased their fabulous collection on February 23, 2014.

  Mizani x Setté

They presented their fab couture designs of neutrals and soft spring hues. It was very well put-together. I’ve enjoyed it very much, and I’ve meet some new people there as well.

So here’s a few snapshots from my perspective!

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You are Slacking Bro !

I know mannnnnn! Like, I really do not know why but lately I have had no motivation to update this blog! I was legit contemplating deleting it because I thought it was a sign that maybe this blog has run its course. But I have such loyal readers and I just brought on a new editor so I definitely cannot throw this blog away. So without further adieu let me catch you up on all that has been happening on IMVU.


First and foremost, IMVU hosted it’s very first FASHION WEEK! I was sooo totally excited for this; they chose several developers from various backgrounds and genres to feature there products through either a boutique/store or just individual products on the featured Fashion Week page. I was blessed with the opportunity to have my Shox Maxi dress featured; and definitely brought some new customers my way, so woop woop !

In relation to that week, Pierce hosted a fashion show featuring his spring items from the Vixyn Collection that would be featured in his boutique for Fashion Week.

(models) Featuring Love Angels: Xochi, Chrisette, Celine, and ElectriqKiss



eight (2) eight (1) eight (3)

Lastly, but surely not least! Mizani and I hosted a fashion show on February 23 @ 8:00pm EST, featuring clothing from her SS14 Collection and handbags from mine. Thank so much to those who attended!

An enormous shout out to the beautiful models: Toria, TemiRae, and Xochi



SS14C (1)  SS14C (4) SS14C (6)

Shout out to PriChic of Naturelle Photography Blog,for coming out to show support ! Doesn’t she look lovely?

SS14C (5)