Are yall still there?!; OOTD

Heyyyy Bellas and Bellos !

I sure do hope yall are still there lol. I am uber excited to start this blog back up and hope yall are just as excited to view and read it! I know I’ve been gone for umm Lord only knows how long but I am back {:. Am I back permanently? I’m not sure yet. Will I post often? Maybe or maybe not, it will just all depend on how I’m feeling, how yall are responding to the blog, and if I feel like something needs to be addressed. I’m sure most of my veteran followers of the blog know that I love letting you guys know what’s trending in IMVU’s fashion world but I also have passion for motivating and educating you guys as well with my brief posts about self esteem and RL issues. Now that we’ve addressed that, I guess I’ll start my first post back with an OOTD.

I’ve been in such a Tom-Boyish mood which inspired the outfit below. I’ve never been a fan of the all baggy look but I’m actually loving it these days. I also think the top by Blaise adds a of sex appeal to this chill outfit without it looking overly sexual.

Top BottomShoes



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