Fushion ll Fashion Show Review

Heyy Bellas and Bellos !

I apologize for this being dumb late! I lost all motivation when I first wrote this and didnt save it correctly D: lol but let me continue onto the review. I haven’t been to a fashion show in a while, so I was uber excited that this was the first one I was able to attend this year. This urban fashion show was hosted by Elite Haze Modeling featuring a dj, dance group selection, and the most designers I have ever seen collaborate for a show. This show featured designs from Parakiss, Blaise, Brilliant, iish, Molo, LBD, and MrsLBD. Because of this diverse group of developers the guests were able to see items from menswear, women’s wear, and even kid’s wear, so there was a little something for everyone to enjoy. Not only were their multiple collections cohesive between the seven developers but the room location complimented the clothes perfectly. This show took place on an abandoned block decorated with rails, benches, and a street light. It was lightly decorated but you can see time and consideration were taken when choosing the scenery. In addition, this was actually one of the longest fashion shows I have ever attended. I do believe it felt like 15min and that’s literally the time it took for all of the models to walk the runway showcasing all seven developers outfits. This was all a pleasant surprise for me since I’m use to attending shows were the models are on and off the runway in like 2 minutes. I was able to capture pictures and actually take the time to see the work put into every piece. Beautiful show and can’t wait to see what else these developers and modeling agency has in store!

Models:LitoCruz, SelinaCruz, boisestang, KisaStang, Tayasaya, lntaglio, oXoBLOVEoXo, SouthernPeachez, MRZIILLICIT

Pre-Show: boisestang, Oop, Brvss, LitoCruz, SouthernPeachez

All pictures below were taken by me {Chrisette}. All developers names below will link you to their catalog when clicked and the video at the end is by a contractor for Elite Haze Modeling.

iish BrilliantBlaiseParakiss Molo

Until next time Bellas and Bellos :* !

UFS (26)

UFS (25)

UFS (23) UFS (1) UFS (2) UFS (3) UFS (24) UFS (18) UFS (13) UFS (20) UFS (22) UFS (16) UFS (17) UFS (8) UFS (19) UFS (21) UFS (11) UFS (12) UFS (14) UFS (15) UFS (10) UFS (9) UFS (6) UFS (7) UFS (5) UFS (4)


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