Fashion Forward

Heyy Bellas and Bellos !

I’m just stopping by to let you all know of some upcoming events on IMVU. Mhm, and any other random news I think yall should know about. {: So lets start with le’fashion shows!


Yesss hunnay, you know what that means! Maternity outfits will be on the runway! I have been waiting so long for a prego show lol, cause for some odd reason I really love maternity clothing on IMVU. Its probably my baby fever V_V but thats neither here nor there.  So please RSVP by clicking here and joining the group, then typing “RSVP 1st or 2nd show,” in the appropriate thread.


 That’s right IMVU’s well known fashion group Wardrobe is hosting their very first fashion week! And I’m pretty stoked, to see exactly how they’ll execute. I love fashion weeks, the last one I attended was pretty well put together and that was hosted a while ago by Trend Magazine; and I know this one will be just as good. Their fashion week feature developers such as Nylo, Toria, Kalifornia, Stanch, Twigs, and Niraja.

Wardrobe Staff: TemiRae, Fez, Fabb, and Ccorri

Btw dates and times have not been chosen yet so please stay tuned. I’ll update you when I’m updated.


Btw, I have a new favorite IMVU magazine. So please take the time to check out Fierce Magazine

{The Magazine is on the product page, you do not have to buy the product}

Things I enjoyed about the magazine:

-Great Interviews !

-Eye Catching Advertisements

-The Shade Connoisseur aka Marlo

Thats all for now *smooches* bellas and bellos {:


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