Do I Hear Kiddies Ringing Bells? Hmm…

Tom Tomb Wedding Collection ADHey Kiddies ^_^ I have some gossip for you all lol…I attended and modeled in my 1st Kid Wedding Collection Fashion Show. Yes I know what your thinking kiddies lol. Omg! Say whaaat? Kids? Wedding? a whole collection? All in the same sentence? Huh? Is she for real? Yesss! Pri is for real kiddies lol. I was stunned as well when I first heard of the collection. In real life us kiddies wear what ever mom puts on us that day and we exchange blow pop rings with a peck on the cheek with our young mates in the playground lol. On Imvu we get to dress up and plan a ceremony just like our parents or any other adults do. We can be creative and role play like a real wedding. So if any kiddies interested in having a wedding PRlM@Imvu has designed a collection for us and also is available to to do customs on request. The Collection was called “Tom Tomb Wedding Collection” and its designed by Pro Kid Creator PRlM. The Wedding Collection had bride & bridesmaids gowns, Groom tuxedos & Groom-toddlers suits. The Outfits featured in the collection are the Lil Desirable, Out Of The Box, Baby Dimenar & Royal Fears. Shall I say Spectacular? Fab? Omg I was blown away at what she designed. I was amazed that she thought of such great pieces to put in her collection. I already knew she was a bomb creator but this collection really made me curtsy to her. She really is a wonderful creator and does not follow others trend she creates for herself. I love that she is original, unique and stylish. I also got to meet a lot of great people during the show. I walked amongst pro models and developers such as lDB, RiskeeDimenaR & BlacknAsianMixed(Bam). They are all down-to-earth even though they are pros they were very friendly and comfortable to be around. At first I was nervous but their all supportive and made everything better. My partner for the show was lDB but now I know her as Tiff lol she was awesome to work with. She is a humorous person and always kept me laughing during practice lol. I thank PRlM for asking me to be part of such an amazing event. Check her Shop out kiddies…I listed a few outfits from her collection down below. Please Check out PRlM@Imvu catalog for the entire Tom Tomb Wedding Collection.

PRlM Imvu Catalog

A few outfits from Tom Tomb Wedding Collection:


Bride’s Outfit:

Top – Skirt – BouquetVeilFeet

Groom’s Outfit:



Bride’s Outfit:



Bride’s Outfit:

Dress – Bouquet – Veil – Feet

Groom’s Outfit:



Bridesmaid’s Outfit:



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