Fabulous Finds

“I found the find!,” is the phrase my family uses when we’ve found a quality item that would usually cost us a fortune but we find it at an insanely low price. I decided to apply that to IMVU but change the meaning just a bit. Fabulous finds feature unique products I’ve found while looking through IMVU’s catalog. I hope you enjoy this post, cause I had fun rummaging through IMVU’s catalog.


1. Fur Purse

😀 I’ve been looking high and low for a fur purse for quite a while now and was excited when I stumbled upon it in Footprint’s catalog. Its classy, sexy, and with the edition of the spiked balls makes it slightly edgy.

fur purse

2. Denim Vans

Soooo, idk how I stumbled upon these lol cause I definitely put in holographic under the shoe section just to see what would come up & up popped these! I absolutely love them ! Denim never goes out of style; it’s actually a great transition piece for every season. Since Righteous made the laces and outsole a tan color, it gives it kind of worn look, which works in my opinion.

Denim Vans

3. Yoga Pants

These actually were not hard to find but I as soon as I saw them I new I needed to post them. Personally, they are the best yoga pants I have seen thus far on IMVU. I applaud MAGCOUTURE, for the quality that she point into the pants, it’s quite amazing. I hope she creates a line similar to Victoria Secret’s Pink, I feel like that would sell very well.

Yoga Pants

4. Silver/Metallic Top

{: This was a piece I wasn’t searching for at all. But I found it after clicking a link that someone was advertising for Blaise. Who’s such an amazing developer, btw if you haven’t heard of her I suggest you check her out! I think she’s such a mix of pvc, urban, grunge, and sexiness lol. Actually if her stuff was real, I could see Rihanna rocking it, if that gives u a clue of the type of stuff she develops. Anyway, check out the metallic/silver/disco-ish looking shirt below !

Silver Top


Is there anything you want but can’t find? Comment below and I’ll see if I can help.


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