Heaven has Gained an Angel

Heyy Darlins !

Today’s post is actually kind of personal, cause I really want to say FAREWELL to a great gyal on here ! She was an amazing supporter of this blog, great friend, and no lie if you needed a helping hand she was always the first to volunteer. I can’t tell you how many times she has volunteered to help me  with this blog during its hay-day when I was overwhelmed and how she refused to let me pay her. But that’s just who LALA was, and from what I can see that’s how she acted with all of her friends and family on IMVU. So it greatly saddens me to say GOODBYE to Marie aka Lala aka Lvmos aka lalaledisko, aka UrbanistaCouture; she graciously joined the Lord this past weekend after losing a well fought battle with CANCER. I send my condolences to her RL family especially her children, as well as her IMVU family and friends because I know they are going through as well. Stay strong love muffins, you know Lala would hate to see anyone upset! As hard as it may be smile because she is no longer in pain, no longer suffering, but resting easy.

And these kinds words were not used because she passed but used because that is who she was while she was living! To know her was truly to love her; she was just that sweet of a person; sometimes I wonder how lol cause I surely wouldn’t be able to keep my composure with some of the stuff she dealt with. I think I’m going to end this right here, because it’s getting harder and harder to type this.


From Leeyah with love ♥

I didn’t know if it was appropriate to put her real picture on the blog but here is her home page

v- Her comments from over the years -v

 lala NP


One thought on “Heaven has Gained an Angel

  1. I didn’t knew her in person, but I have met her at different events and she was a really nice person. All the things about a helping hand is something I’ve seen on example the pulse. RIP.
    And I know it isn’t easy to loose someone. I’ve lost a friend on IMVU around a year ago. I remember how sad I was. I had knew her for years and then she was just gone. (But that story is different since she faked it all but I didn’t knew that until a while ago).

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