Are Those Wedding Bells I Hear?


Who’s that?

Mizani of course! She has just hosted yet another creative, fabulous, and one of a kind show. I was honored to be guest at her American Wedding themed fashion show. It featured approximately nine different wedding and reception dresses, all with a unique name to match each unique design, as well as a pair of shoes. We all know Sunny as a couture/luxury developer in my opinion. Her designs are simply one of a kind and when you see her work you know its HERS.  In addition, her chosen venue is always something to rave about as well. This time the runway was located in an all white wedding hall, chairs lined opposite sides of the runway so the guests were up close and personal with her designs. I got such amazing shots at this show because of the way the runway was set up 😀 ! I also want to shot out the fabulous ladies modeling Chocolate, Xochi, and Mizani herself ! Well done ladies, yall looked as gorgeous as the garments you all were wearing.

SideNote: Mizani was previously Pravaana


american wedding (2) american wedding (3) american wedding (4) american wedding (6) american wedding (5) american wedding (7) american wedding (1)


Btw, I’m also looking for a Photo Journalist, since I am unable to make it to ever fashion show but I most certainly would love too! Some fashion shows are also to kb heavy for me atm, so having someone there who can just take pictures would be fabulous!

Is this a paid position? Sometimes; I give out a small stipend per fashion show I ask you to attend to photograph and review

Is this permanent or temporary? It starts off as a temporary position, but it can become permanent depending on YOU.

Will there be other positions offered in the future? Yes, depending on if the needs of the blog.



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