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Hellur Darlins

I’m eons late with this post because of the malfunction IMVU had for approximately 3days in  addition to overwhelming amounts of homeworkv_v. Only 10% of users on IMVU were affected by this malfunction which caused users to lose items in their inventory, people on their friend list, lose use of pulse, and default back to IMVU’s default avatar. These errors made it extremely difficult to enjoy IMVU and led many people to complain on the forum where we were receiving updates about the issue and “threaten to leave,” lol knowing they aren’t going anywhere! But, thank God that’s is all over with 😀 ! So lets get to that LOVE ANGELS HOLIDAY FASHION SHOW !!


Yasssssss yall, Pierce and the Love Angels have done it once again. If you have been reading my blog, you know that I review all of Pierce’s shows and each one is always better and more elaborate than the last! So I’m pleased to say,  that definitely has not changed; Pierce opened the show with over a dozen animated nutcrackers,  I personally haven’t seen anyone do that yet and thought it was a creative way to open the show. Once the nutcrackers cleared the runway by stepping to the side, the lovely Love Angels: Poshic, Chocolat, Typical, Smooches, Mahohany and Nylon began to make their way down the runway.


Unfortunately, I was freezing so bad throughout the show {due to my old arse computer} I was unable to take any good photo. So please check out Typical’s Blog StyleBrat, I believe it’s like two post down; she captured some wonderful shots and also has a video that was posted by Pierce via Youtube. Of course after the show Pierce’s had an “After Party,” where any and everyone was allowed to attend; unlike the show which I believe Pierce handpicked the audience but don’t quote me.

Pink Carpet with the awesome Love Angels


OOTD from Pierce’s Show


Now on to IMVU’S first CYBER MONDAY !!

I was pleasantly shocked to see that IMVU, had come up with such  a creative idea! Of course people have had showcase rooms out since the dawn of time but I had never seen IMVU actually advertise them; so kudos to Moderator Varsha who I believe came up with the idea. I absolutely loved it; I had the opportunity to visit some of my favorite developers room such as V4NY, Pierce, Brilliant, iish, Canday, Delure, and many more. Below are some pictures of the rooms I stopped in. I hope they do this again; they should always be looking for new ways to promote our developers.

From left to right: V4NY, Pierce {Bjorn Line}, and Delure


Finally my casual OOTD, which I’m also wearing in the pictures above.


Dress by Pierce

Long Vest by Pierce

Hermes Purse by Powers

 Red Hellbounds by GutCake

Scarf by Seniha88




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