Hot Freakin Mess & Announcements

Heyy Bellas and Bellos !

Ya girl is back and I’m a hot freakin messss like seriously. Please tell me why I cannot put together a nice outfit for the life of me! Like, how am I going to run a fashion blog lol and can’t style myself; I feel like I’ve lost my spunk o.o. I honestly think its my lack of activity on IMVU; I’m not on IMVU like I use to be so thatmakes it so much harder to find new developers, stay off the front page, and overall style myself. But ehh enough of my complaining lets get to announcments. Guess what’s back?!

Love Angel’s Fashion Show {4th year running} !

Host and Developer: Pierce

Models: The lovely Love Angels of 2013 && veteran Love Angels {Mhm, that’s right you’ll be able to see some of your favorite Love Angels on the runway again}


Alpha Phi Alpha {APA} aka my unofficial brother fraternity but brothers nonetheless are now recruiting!  So bellos, if your interested in being apart of something bigger than yourself and gaining friends and connections along the way, I highly suggest you sign up to be an APA !

For more information contact: MrSoulSurvivor

Check Out Their Website:

Apply Here

Visit APAEP Headqquarters Here

Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity develops leaders, promotes brotherhood and academic excellence, while providing service and advocacy for our Imvu communities.


Here is my hot freakin mess OOTD


TopBottomShoesGlasses Poses


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