OOTD And Annoucements


Heyy darlins !

Thought I’d start today’s post off with an OOTD. Majority of the items used above are the “limited sale items” from various developers in Motion’s Creators Cafe. I decided to pair Cleo’s black leotardwith Milian’s two-tone jeans, with Strut’s Rose Pumps, and completed this look with two outside products, Pierce’s Yvonne-Fur Jacket and Majo’s awesome Spectrum Bag. I absolutely love these pieces, especially Milian’s two-tone jeans; it gives a casual outfit a little edge without going over board. So I encourage you all to get these items while you can! There is only two days left {not counting today}, before these items are hidden.


Announcements {: Below you will find flyers for upcoming events, jobs, ect. So please take the time to look through them all you might find something that may spark  your interest

Upcoming Fashion By the Thick Madams

thick  madams

Upcoming Event hosted by the pretty ladies of Alpha Kappa Alpha ! {SKEEEEWEEE} -come and support my sorority-


Upcoming Skins From Pierce


Upcoming Fashion Show by Fears and Frights


That’s All ! Good Night Bellas and Bellos !


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