Heyy Bellas and Bellos, have you seen the noticed the new MESH HEAD craze on IMVU ?! Well, if you haven’t let me briefly tell you what they are. Mesh heads for IMVU avatars were originally created by ProDeveloper LOL in effort to make the avatar face look more realistic. They work the same as a normal avatar’s head {as in you can wear any eyes and/or hair bases as normal}, except for the face. You would have to either make or request a custom from someone to make a Mesh head that would match your particular skin.I personally think this was an awesome idea ! I love seeing everyone with such unique faces, & in the words of Tamar Braxton their faces are snatched, pulled, and beat to the GAWDDSSSSSS ! LOL.

Although I highly suggest you get a custom head, its most likely isn’t even everyone’s budget. So stop by TheGangstaMuffin’s catalog, and get some of his general sale high quality mesh heads !

On Chrisette: Yuli Body {Busty} & Yuli {Mesh}



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