Motion l Creator Cafe

Yes bellas and bellos, this epic designer fair is back again this year! It consists of some of IMVU’s most unique developers such as: Brilliant, Cleo, Moanroe, Pierce, iish, Milian, and Strut. I’m not sure if you remember but like last years event; the items being sold will only be available for one week unless extended by the fair’s coordinator. It began yesterday on October 21, 2013 and will end on October 29, 2013. So there should be no excuse as to why you’ve missed this event! Hopefully throughout the remaining days of this week I’ll be able to give you OOTD ideas using the items being sold at this event on my other blog BeauteAfrique, so please stay tuned. Also feel free to send me your OOTDs using these items, because I’d love to showcase my fashionistas on the blog! But that’s all for now bellas and bellos, so please click the ads below and check out their catalogs !

-Until Next Time-


M - Brilliant M - Cleo M - iish M - Milian 1 M - Milian 2 M - Moanroe M - Pierce M - Strut


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