Umm And You Are ?

lol, That is probably what you guys and gyals are asking me since I haven’t been on here in forever! I’ve been contemplating shutting this blog down for months, actually I’m still contemplating it. But in the meantime I wanted to let you yall know that, I’VE MISSED YALL EVER SO MUCH, my lovely blog family, some of which have been with me since practically DAY ONE. #DayOneReaders I can not express how much I love blogging, it’s like therapy for me and hell sometimes it’s therapy for yall, a place where we can come together, be ourselves, and share opinions. {: -sentimental moment- I honestly miss that, and some readers have messaged me and said they’ve missed this blog as well sooooo like old times I have an OOTD to close out this post. And hopefully this will not be the last time you guys see me and vice versa.

-_- So I just realized I used that purse in my last OOTD, sowwie yall it’s my fave purse x] I promise to change it up next time.


Top: Wanna MonroeBottom: BlaiseShoes: Pierce


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