Individuality? Does that even exist on IMVU ?!

Heyy Bellas and Bellos !

Well I’m here today to tackle an ongoing discussion on IMVU as well as promote some developers along the way. As always, your feedback on these types of posts are ALWAYS  encouraged ! I’d love to know what you all are thinking, and how you feel about certain topics SO PLEASE comment below. Sooo lets refer back to the title of this post “Individuality? Does that even exist on IMVU ?!,” it sure as hell should but does it ?! IMVU offers millions of products to choose from when it comes to rooms, clothing, accessories, avatars, ect. You can ultimately create and become who ever you want to be, but with that being  said….why are there so many clones then? Why are there so many people wearing the same head, rockin’ the same shade of skin, wearing the same genre of clothing, and only shopping from the same 5 devs on the hottest product page? WHY ? WHY ? WHY? I don’t understand, especially in the urban community of IMVU! I’m solely speaking to them because that’s the community I witness it happening in the most; I’m sure it happens in others but I can’t speak about what I don’t know for sure. There are hundreds of developers who cater to urban-wear; yet I only see people rockin’ with the same 5 developers which are good devs but come’on its a whole catalog to explore. Besides, why would you want to look like the next chick anyway? IMVU Fame? Honestly, I rather be recognized as being my own person instead of SO-and-SO’s look alike. Below are a few tips on being an individual, I know some sounds like common sense but hell some of yall need to read it. Think of me as the ya big-sis in yall head giving some sound advice lol; you usually don’t want to hear, but all-in-all you ultimately learn a little something from it.






>_> Below are few developers I think yall should SHOP <_<

I don’t want to tell yall to stay off the front page and then not tell you where to go, so here are a few options.


First developer: MilaBlvQ

She’s a new developer from my knowledge, and let me tell you going into her catalog is like going into a little antique/consignment shop. You only go in to look around, but walk out with a handful of unique accessories that you’ve never seen before! This is actually my first time in her catalog, and I enjoyed looking around it and picking up a few accessories along the way; You should visit and do the same. I promise you wont leave empty handed.

MilaBlvQ (4)

Second Developer: Nevoir

Yoo, I love her hairs! Her and Vaydia are probably the only developers who I let sew in my weaves -pats hair- x]. But seriously, Nevoir offers over 15 different colors of hair and her shop is always updated with the latest hair meshes! There is literally a hair color for everyone in her shop, so the options are endless. {: Below are a couple of my favorite colors by her. And she has recently started creating hairs and skins; so check her out ladies !

Nevoir (5)

Third Developer: Justionia

Yassss dawlins it’s Justi! A very popular developer when it comes to recreating RL Red Carpet Looks on IMVU, as well as looks that come from his imagination lol. Idk, if you remember but I reviewed his Jungle theme fashion show before and it was spectacular! The looks he creates are always BOLD, UNIQUE, and BEAUIFUL; if you want to stand out amongst the crowd then I suggest you add a couple of his peices to your wardrobe, I know I have.

Justionia (2)




4 thoughts on “Individuality? Does that even exist on IMVU ?!

  1. I love this post! Its so true that a lot of avatars look alike and i honestly do not understand why. There are SOOOOOOO many products to chose from where you can individualize your looks. Thanks for this 😀

  2. your so right and this is so true. other feel its hard to be diff on imvu but if you take your time every day dress your avi you wont look like no one on imvu. give other creators i chance to shine then just the same old ones all the time . yes the are very good but other are working there butts off and need to be and that spot light also. Btw i love you blog and keep up the good work

  3. It’s very rare to find any sense of individuality on IMVU(and anywhere really, real life too)-any room you go into you have that group that everyone looks the same. I can can count on my hand the people I know (you of course) that I can list who prioritize in being themselves and be individuals fashion wise.

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