Umm I Don’t Even Know, OOTD

Heyy Bellas and Bellos !

Soo, ummm I went through three topics before I settled on this final one which really isn’t a topic lol. This is the first time I could not think of anything to write, isn’t that absurd?! I’m always writing paragraphs for you lurvvvvvvve muffins but not this time -.-“. Mhm, writer block sucks. But hopefully by my next post, I can figure out something to talk about or you can comment below/inbox me topics that you want me to address. I’d really appreciate it ! Oh and if your wondering where my models are…they’re still around. I didn’t want to bother them since views have been down for a minute, blogging just isn’t as popular as it use to be. And before I wrap up this post I’d like to SHOUT OUT Summer Glam Radio ! The ladies and male on this show are freakin’ hilarious and always bring interesting topics to the table to discuss. So shout out to MrsCandy, Xander, and Chocolat! And a big thank you to MrsCandy for the shoutout, she so sweet yall ^_^. Make sure yall check out their old shows and tune in for their upcoming ones: Ard, let me stop rambling and get to this OOTD.

That’s all, Ciaooo ♥ -MUAH

V_V Finally My OOTD V_V


No links will be provided for the following items because they are all fairly new products, and can be found easily if you just search the developer’s name.

Top: Pierce

Purse: Pierce

Sneaks: Cleo

Earrings: Hermosa

Weave: Vaydia


One thought on “Umm I Don’t Even Know, OOTD

  1. Hey, you’re so right, blogging is not what it used to be, but I will be sure to tune in when I can. Cute outfit – Flirt

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