Thats Sooo Off-The-Runway

Mhm, it sure is.

Heyy Bellas and Bellos, I wanted to drop in and give you all another post before I get lost in the sauce and not see you guys and gyals for another couple of months. Soooo cheaa, lets get to it. For my veteran readers, you may remember ages ago when I made a post about how I couldn’t rock Powers products because they were so eccentric and gaudy{in a good way} aka stuff you would see on the runway. -Click here to see old post- Well ever since I figured out how to wear his products, I’ve been flaunting them ever since. Along with Powers, Pierce also makes products that aren’t usually seen as “everyday wear,” so I’ve asked Yanire and RIOT to showcase them below.

Not only are the outfits below off-the-runway; but they also showcase the upcoming trends  this summer which are PATTERNS, PASTELS and HUES OF ORANGE.

Yanire – RIOT – AuLiet

SideNote: For all my mommies to be, patterns make baby bump appear to be smaller. ^_^

Developers Products Presented in this post: PowersPierceClaiire

hiResSnapshot1 hiResSnapshot8 hiResSnapshot10

Trendz87 Rocking the Color of the Year 2013: Emerald

Meg1 meg2


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