Triple “F” Baby and Serene Celine

Heyy Naturelle Bellas and Bellos

{: I’m kinda sorta back, almost, but not really. But, anyways I hope you all enjoyed Lisa’s aka Controversial’s post, showcasing her style as well as some of her friends. Jay aka Decreasing will be dedicating a post to the men sometime in the near future, so please stay tuned for that. Antwaysss back to the reason for this post, when I returned to IMVU I was pleasantly surprised to find so many unique, well detailed, high quality, and trendy items in the catalog; so naturally as so as I came back I went shopping and I want to share some of Favorite Fashion Finds with you. I also want to share a photoshoot entitled: Serene Celine, which showcases Powers newly revamped Celine handbags.

Below are images of Powers’ Celine bag from 2011 and his latest one from 2013.

Do yall like the changes and if not, why?

Celine2011 Celine2013

In my opinion, I’m absolutely loving the changes, the only suggestion I have is to have a “grip pose,” for picture purposes I’d like it to look like I’m holding the bag.


Favorite Fashion Trends

– Nude from last autumn, falls ever so elegantly into spring when paired with common spring colors: green, pink, ect

– Gold never goes out of STYLE !

– Turbans, are once again showing out this Spring; especially when you cannot decide on a weather friendly hairstyle

– Black and Nude together?! Yes mam. Do not be afraid to pair to neutrals, but be sure to add a dash of color or your outfit may look washed out.

1.CelineOOTD (3)2. CelineOOTD (1) 3.CelineOOTD (2)

1. PantsShoesTop  – HatNecklace

2. Leggings TurbanNecklaceGlasses  – EarringsShoesManicureTop

3. DressShoes

SideNote: A lot of chocolate mamas have been asking me what skin I wear, and ALL of the skins above are by frenchie91. I absolutely love love love her skins,  95% of the time I wearing skins by her because she offers such a broad collection of skins with vibrant makeup. I’m not a girl who shys away from color, so if your the same way; then buying her skins are essential.


Serene Celine Photoshoot

Special thank you to the gorgeous models: Controversial and Shataap

hiResSnapshot1 hiResSnapshot8 hiResSnapshot9 hiResSnapshot13hiResSnapshot4


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