A Little Spring During Winter

Spring season is coming up! So we have decided to give you a little taste and flavor from four models who have put their outfits together showcasing that we can have a little bit of spring during these cold and treacherous winter times! So we did a Vintage Boho inspired outfits! Hope you all enjoy (: !




These  are two different pieces modeled by Redvinity also known as Red. She has a great taste and I love her style. Using the extra accessories made her outfit more glamorous.





Decreasing:This is a two simple outfits of boho and vintage that I put together, both having a a bit of dressy attire.To me vintage and boho is adding a bit of old school fashion on it and also classy. Boho also means wearing old school clothes and earthy colors. It’s a way to express a way to use different types of styles with this such as punk and etc. 



In this screenie the models felt as if using floral and woven patterns described their Vintage Boho style. 

Thanks to all the models: Redevinity,Decreasing,Kionna&Controversial


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