Closet Thieves, UrbGarde, and Uh Oh Thats New

Heyy Bellas and Bellos !

I’m bizzzzzzzzack with another update as you can see, first and foremost lets announce those WINNERS aka Closet Thieves lol. 😀


Congratulations to the following:


(Closest guesses won)

SideNote: Since these are items from my closet as well as my models, only one person per item. For example if Susie chooses the purple skirt no one else can because Susie already has it.

Thanks for participating !


UrbGarde Say What?

Tehe, just a fancy way of me saying I’m rockin’ Pierce’s new line ! Mhm, doesn’t it look like Urban meets Avante Garde, totally chic off-the-runway type of look. Now I usually try to stay off the muh-effin bandwagon because everyone is rockin’ Pierce’s items on their blog, but heyy this collection is to fierce to pass up.


WeaveTopBottomEarringsShoesDuffel BagNails


Guess what gyals and guys ?!

I’m taking yet another break lol, mhm Bella needs to rest. But instead of leaving yall hanging. I’ve left Controversial {Lisa} and Decreasing {Jay} in charge of my blog !

Mhm, “Uh Oh Thats New,” sho’ is I never leave anyone in charge of my baby x], but I trust these two and I know you’ll love’em. And guess what fellas, that means you’ll actually get some fashion tips from an actual guy instead of me trying and failing zz !

But until next time, “MUAH” I’ll miss yall !



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