CO8 l Culture of Eight by Pierce

Heyy Bellas and Bellos
I have a brief post for you all. Brief because well it isn’t much to say, this was a fashion show where you had to be in attendance to truly enjoy. Pierce has released yet another amazing collection and unfortunately it will be the last collection he will reveal by runway. His fashion shows are always a treat for the eye, from the scenery, to the music, to the models, and of course the clothing ! This collection in particular was one of my favorites; cause high fashion is my passion. Each piece from this collection told its own story, from the exaggerated bows to the dramatic ballgown skirts; and that wasn’t all, this collection also featured various street wear with an obvious urban Tokyo twist. I strongly suggest you check out this collection once it hits the catty. Sooo a final shoutout to Pierce for a fabulous show and a shout out to the Love Angels {ElectriqKiss, Celine, Mahogany, and Typical} for walkin’ the runway oh so elegantly. Below are a few outfits from the show and I apologize in advance but I was only able to snap a picture of the outfits I wore, but once the other bloggers post their review I’ll be sure to link.


{Custom Outfit Designed by Pierce}  hiResSnapshot2

Runway Look: Cosmetics By Pierce {MakeUpNotForSale}

Skin: Elsa – Diva





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