You Shop In the Front of the Catty ?!

Nope ! I absolutely hate the first couple pages of the catty, better known as the “hottest products,” and or “most products sold.” Which means everybody and their momma has that same item in their inventory ! Who wants to look like everyone else? Not me, said AuLiet. Now, I’m not dissing the products in the front, because most of the time they are well made products, but if your a fashionista, model, and/or stylist you want to stay away from those pages. Since your main goal is to look DIFFERENT, and you can’t very well look different if your only looking through the first couple pages. I’m not goina lie, I do look at the hottest hairs because -.- I hate wig shopping for my avatar, but ehh I’m trying to break out of that. Sooo, I know some of you out there hate looking for stuff in the catty as well; so that’s why I’ll have my models showcase developers who might not be as well known, at least once every month.  Btw, I’ll be showcasing both men and women; mhm men this post is for you too !

Soooo, I like to introduce one of my favorite underground devs {who can also be PRO, I’m just making note that their products aren’t front page}…




{Her products are so SexInTheCity type of chic, check her out ! She doesn’t have a lot out but what she does have out is worth buying}

Modeled By: Controversial





He’s actually pretty well known -.-“, I need to start talkin to my guys more ab0ut le’known male developers.  But anyways, I really love his vintage flare !

Modeled By: Trendz87




Modeled By: Intrigued

{This is another developer, who’s also very well known.. Yasss I know AuLii needs to do better on her research ! But anyway x], this is for the not so “girly-girls,” very rock, edgy, trash-couture..ish type items, I suggest you take a look-see!




Modeled By: Decreasing

Street wear at its BEST ! His catalog speaks for itself, he has men’s & women’s clothing; as well as poses and actions.


So expand those inventories, with these awesome developers’ products.

{Apology to the fellas, I promise to bring you unknown developers next time, I’sss sorry}

Btw, I also do reviews; so if your interested hit up AuLiet@IMVU.


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