Premiere of The Lush Lingerie Holiday Collection by Pravaana

Soooooooo here I am again with a review of the show. Let me tell you bellas and bellos, the show was MAGNIFICIENT; the runway was a gorgeous walkway in the middle of a snow covered park with light flurries every now and then. The designs were simply sensual; every piece of lingerie had its own personality; my favorite being the red bow top and the white thong bottoms. Pravanna really out did herself with this last collection; and speaking of last, this will be her LAST FASHION SHOW ! Yassssss :[, I know I’m quite sad myself; I always look forward to reviewing her shows because they’re always so unique. But I digress, now on to the pictures ! Check’em Out ! Lingerie will be in the catty soon !


Sunny (6)

vv-Pravanna & Son-vv

*Yep, little Naveed is now big enough to attend and watch his momma’s shows

Sunny (4)  Sunny (5)

vv-Lingerie Below-vv

Sunny (11) Sunny (12) Sunny (13) Sunny (14) Sunny (15)   Sunny (10) hiResSnapshot10 Sunny (7) Sunny (8)

vv-Sunny’s Custom Shoes on le’Shoe Cam-vv

Sunny (16)

vv-Some Of The Gorgeous Guest-vv

Sunny (3)

vv-Scarlett and I Before Mean Old Sandy {Gloiire} Made Me Take Her Back To The Car-vv

                        Sunny (2)Sunny (17)

vv-Glimpse Of The Beautiful Scenery-vv

Sunny (9)


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