Girrrl Where You Goin’ ? and OOTDs

Heyy love mufffins !

I have a little quicky post for you before I leave to go this surprise destination. {: Well, I’m sure you all heard that Pravaana is having a fashion show at 8:00pm EST in a surprise location. The only detail she gave about the location, was telling the guest attending the show to dress warmly. Soooo that’s exactlly what me and my sistah from another mistah Sandy {Gloiire@IMVU}  did, while staying fashionable of course. Don’t let the cold weather alter your style, you can be sexy and warm! Btw, I’ll be back with a review post of this show.





On Sandy: Dress by: -_-“I Forgot I’ll Add Later” , Vest by: AuLiet, Shoes by: Starglous

On AuLiet: Top by: Sugi, Skirt by: Martha, Panties by: Equis, Shoes by: MissC


Before autumn ends, here are Naturelle Photography’s Official Models giving you an OOTD

1 Trendz872Intrigued3DecreasingControversial

1. Trendz87: ShadesBoots Hat  – WatchPantsTopHair

2. Intrigued: BottomsTopScarf Jacket Bag Ales

3. Decreasing: Jacket BottomsBracelet EarringsShoes

4. Controversial: Vest TopBraceletShoesEarringsChainBottomsHair


Naturelle’s New Plus Size Section

{In future posts, I’ll be writing a little more about this section on who caters more to thicker sizes. I will also be explaining how to go avant garde & couture, since in my opinion I’ve only seen urban and formal for thicker women}

HoodRoyal: OutfitSweater BootsHair Earrings

*Photo taken by HoodRoyal



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