Meet Naturelle’s New Models !

Heyy Bellas and Bellos, I’m so excited to introduce you all to Naturelle’s new models. We have five models in total who will be showcasing casual OOTDs for everyday wear and also of course little editorials in between. Some faces you may recognize and others you may not; below you’ll get a brief biography about each model. I hope you like them as much as I do, so without further adieu, I present to you .  .  .


Hi my name is Megan but most folks call me Meg. This is my first blog modeling gig so I am so excited to start and ready to show IMVU what I am made of. I am a stud and yes I do have a male avi who I have work over 3 years in the making to make it fierce as it is. I love the new trends coming out and though I still feel some folks are still living in 06 w/e works for them is them. I am true fan of the up in coming devs and mostly try not to shop in the front page but more in the back pages to stuff that haven’t been unknown yet. I love colors and I love taken risk as much as possible.
Hey Im Dria better known as Hood,Modeling is natural to me because i have been doing it since i started IMVU. I’m also a pro creator,I started in 2008 and i was terrible lol. As time pasted i became great at it . I am a member of TMBB,that is the first dev team i ever been a part of and it feels like home i love them all. I love supporting people that has alot of potential and also confidence in themselves. Fashion is a big part of my life,i’m attending a art design school,my major is fashion design. That’s about it, Oh and i love purple
Hey it’s Adrii & Im not good with intros zzz..but here goes. Im so excited to be modeling for Naturelle! One because when I started modeling Lee was one of the models who inspired me to model and be one of the best.Ive been modeling for two years now & I love the business.My style changes everyday, sometimes I don’t think I even have a style lol but I make my outfits work .My goal on imvu is to become a Pro Model because to me I’ve worked so hard to get there.Being creative is something I do best so I hope it shines through this blog ^.^
Hellooooo all I’m Lisa, 21, Living in NYC. I’m soo pumped to be working along side you models and Lee. I currently work with Love Angels Co. , Restricted Models, Youth Blog and now this. My goal modeling wise is to just keep having fun and work to stay where I am at currently. I’ve been modeling since 2009, so that’s my passion or thing to do on here to keep me from getting bored. Style wise I just like to bring what I see from the streets of NYC or from fashion blogs to my IMVU character ❤
Hey my name is Jay. I been on IMVU since 2006. This is not my first time modeling, but i am ready to start modeling for others again. I am talkative when you know me but quiet when i don’t know someone that well. I am honest with my judgment and i am outspoken. I am friendly, goofy, love to joke around, love helping others and etc. I am in college so i try to do all my work first. I am engaged to be married with connect@imvu. I am also working with Youth. I love helping others work their way up. I look forward to learning bout the people in this group.

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