Catching Up With GlamV1

Heyy lovesss, I know how much you all love interviews, so  I said why not see what GlamV1 has been up to. If your memory is exceptional lol, you’ll know that I interviewed Shanice back in March of 2012 when she had first started developing and had begun making her name known as a  model. So here is a little catch-up post so that you can see where she is now.

Check Out Her Catalog Here

AuLiet: Heyy Shan, awesome to have you back on NaturellePhotography’s Blog
GlamV1: 🙂 Thank You Lee! ❤
AuLiet: 😀 !
AuLiet: Last time we spoke you had just started developing
GlamV1: Yes yes 😛
AuLiet: Can you catch us up on where you are now?
GlamV1: Yes sure 🙂 well after that last interview we had I’ve been planning a fashion show since then lol and I also quit modeling as you know I use to model for Pravaana & Others since deving got in the way. I’m still doing graphics too but my skills have improved. I believe the last time we had an interview I was Tier 3 and now I’m Tier  6 🙂
AuLiet: Great to hear your doing well ! How does it feel to be a Tier 6 developer and what are some of your favorite pieces that you’ve created?
GlamV1: It feels good to know that I’ve accomplished a lot 🙂 It took me a while to get where I am today but like I said its a great feeling ! & One of my favorite pieces out of everything I’ve created was Egyptian Collections .
AuLiet: It’s quite the accomplishment, and I’m quite honored to have watched you go through each and every step; you may not know it but I admire you; still as sweet and genuine as you were before your tier rose.
AuLiet: As you know unfortunately people tend to change when their tier does.
GlamV1: Thanks :)Yea I know.. most devs become stuck up because they feel like they are better than everyone.. ya know? Its not cool at all; I would never do such things because I wouldn’t want to be treated that way
AuLiet: Mhm, it really isn’t; I don’t understand the reason for the change…but I digress x].
AuLiet: You mentioned you do graphics, are you currently doing them? and what are the prices?
GlamV1: Yes I still do them lol but not right now I’m taking a huge break right now due to school in rl. I have to stay focused on that before anything else… But my prices are between 5-75k
AuLiet: Sure do, EDUCATION is important. x]
GlamV1: Very 🙂
AuLiet: And last question, is there anything you want us to know about you or any advice for upcoming developers?
GlamV1: Uhhhh yea.. I noticed how some people are rushing and cheating they way to become pro I suggest they not do that lol & um just Don’t let anyone bring you down and just keep your head up &keep doing you! 😀
AuLiet: Thanks Love ! As always enjoyed interviewing you && wish you the best of luck in RL as well as IMVU
GlamV1: Thanks so much Lee ❤ Likewise 🙂
AuLiet: 😀

If you have any questions for GlamV1 leave them in the comment space below and I’ll forward them to her {:


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