Love Angels’ Final Show Review

Heyy Bellas and Bellos, I’m so honored that I was able to attend Pierce’s last show and even more honored to share it with you. With that being said tonight’s  show was a joyous and sad occasion; it was the beginning of the end. Pierce really brought his all to this show from the outfits, to the shoes, and to the infamous wings that we all love and look forward to seeing each and every show. At least one Love Angel from each generation participated in this show from Vive to Nylon to Celine, and many more {There’s a lot of us and I can’t name us all lol}. It was a spectacular event and well worth the credits spent to purchase the tickets. Lastly, in true Love Angel fashion, the show did not end after  the runway there was an after party at Pierce’s mansion.

Below are images from the show and after party. None of the outfits seen below are available in the catalog, but the shoes are 😀

Click Here to visit Pierce’s catalog

vv-Pierce -vv

Inspired by his fierce heels, Naturelle Photography introduces the SHOE CAM !

vv-Pierce’s shoes on le’shoe cam-vv


{These are not all of the outfits displayed at show, check the following blogs for more pictures IllDulce and PrettiLegit

Below is what I wore to the show and Scarlett as well {her first and last LA Show}

I don’t remember who that is next to me but doesn’t he look nice?!

And finally the After Party

Compilation Review – Highlights air now! Nov. 18th 11/12c


New Naturelle Models will be announced next post, so stay tuned !



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