Not My NEONS !

Fall is quickly approaching bellas and bellos ! So I know all my fashionistas out there know what happens when autumn comes around, they start pulling out the browns and burgandys and start hiding all of their pastels, neutrals, and neons. But it is safe to say that NEON is not going anywhere this fall as long as you STYLE it CORRECTLY, you can still rock your neon handbags and accessories. There is ONE CATCH though, neon is quite hard to balance out with autumn colors so please put some effort into your outfit because it can either look extremely fashion forward or extremely tacky !

I don’t want ANYONE talking about AuLiet said I can wear neons in the fall and still look nice and your out and about looking like this:

That my friends would be a NO NO, lol.

But the following outfit would be a YASSSS YASSS !

One of the key ways to offset a bold/bright color is to overpower it with either patterns, dark hues, or warm tones.

The technique I used below to offset  the neon yellow/green, is the warm  tones technique. I  decided that most of my outfit should consist of “normal” fall colors {gray, black, burgundy} and I’d tie that all together with a neon satchel/haversack and neon nails.




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