Tips from your Favorite Chocolate Dip

Ayeee Bellas and Bellos !

It’s been a minute since I last spoke to you guys and gyalsss; so I thought I’d stop on by and give yall an update, on what I’ll be doing on IMVU and fashion tips as well. First and foremost, I wanted to let you guys know I’ll be starting a magazine; hopefully not by myself. I’m looking for a partner who’s willing to take half of the magazine’s responsibility; so if your interested please hit my inbox up at This magazine will be based on editorials, which is similar to the real life magazine Bazaar. So please keep that in mind if your interested; I’m looking for someone who keeps up with the latest fashion trends; as well as has an admirable personal style.

Pulse It Baby tab has been updated as well


Now on to the fashion !

Fall is quickly approaching , so it’s time to stock up on some of the latest autumn trends !

This fall, leopard print shoes are to be treated as a “nude,” which means you can wear them with virtually anything.

Updos are also popular this fall so you can go daring like I did with the bun framing my face or go with a simple ponytail.

Denim which was a summertime favorite, transitions flawlessly into autumn fashion; so don’t throw away {hide} your cardigans/shirts.

Gold and gold embroidered accessories are also popular during this season; and look awesome against browns, reds, and oranges.

{: That’s all from ya NaturelleBella ! Until next time,





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