Updates, Updates, Updates !

First and foremost bellas and bellos, I want to apologize because I’ve been slacking on this blog in effort to get my other blog up and running; which I hope your liking so far because I love updating it 😀 ! It’s been such a creative outlet for me and I want it to become one for you too, so each week I’ll feature a different fashionista on Beauté Afrique! To qualify you must either be willing to share your style meaning links to your outfit with the readers or do an editorial type of screenshot {no links required}. SUBMIT ALL INQUIRES TO AuLiet@IMVU.com


I heard the Black Out Fashion Show was awesome and I wouldn’t have expected anything less than the best from DLusssional and Liddy.

So please check out the reviews of the show on BluntedCulture and OrgasmFashion


As always Pierce delivered a spectacular Fashion Show, showcasing his newest line LSD x Nirvana.

So please check out the reviews of the show on GlamAffair and DiscretelyChic


I so didn’t want to end this post without a picture lol, so here ya go !

A very special thank you to the ladies who volunteered to pose with me !

{LeftToRight}SexyKimmyKim, Thvggin, Me, and LilWayneWifey10

Aren’t they gorgeous ?!


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