Naturelle Models OOTD and Updates

Your favorite models are back with an OutfitOfTheDay, I know its been quite a while since the last time you seen these two and I apologize. So here they are returning with a BANG and I hope you enjoy the pieces they put together for you all !

JaylinCarr && Typical

JaylinCarr: TopBottom ChainShoesHat

Typical: TopBottomShoesBow


Now for updates:

NaturellePhotography now has a sister blog, which is Beauté Afrique; and that blog will showcase editorials, creative/out-of-the-box outfits, and in general anything fashion and art related. Unlike this blog, it will have LITTLE to NO WRITING; I want the focus to be on the Fashion-Art.

There is also a new male blog out now that caters to men’s fashion ONLY, and it is LVBEL, which is owned and run by iish. Of course that isn’t the only male blog out there, we also have a blog that caters more to men who have a high-fashion/couture taste and that is That’s So Debanoir, which is owned and run by JaylinCarr; !; which I’ve mentioned a couple times before on this blog. I know there’s another one as well but I’m having a brain-fart -_-“, so if you have the link to that please post it below.

If you haven’t checked my PulseItBaby tab lol,which you should. It runs through all of the upcoming shows/competitions/model searches that are advertised via pulse. So I encourage you to check it daily to see what’s going on in IMVU Fashion World.

Well that’s all folks !

-eats carrot-


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