Rising to the Top

Heyy Bellas and Bellos !

I know you guys and gyals have been asking me to include more interviews in my blog, so thats what I’m going to do. A couple of days ago I had the pleasure of interviewing Adrienne who is known as Intrigued {PureAdore} on IMVU. I’ve been watching her for a while {model wise} blossom from an aspiring model to a professional one who is known throughout IMVU for a warm colored brown skin and chestnut colored hair. I decided to conduct this interview on a hot air balloon because just as the balloon, she is rising to the top and aiming for the clouds.

Click HERE to see her portfolio

AuLiet: :] Heyy.
Intrigued: LOL. Hey ^.^
AuLiet: x] So, I actually asked to interview you because I seen how quickly you were progressing as a model on IMVU.
Intrigued: Haha yes Ive been trying my best
AuLiet: You started out looking for work and now the work is coming to you 😀
AuLiet: How did you go about progressing so fast in the IMVU Modeling Industry?
Intrigued: Yes I’m so grateful because that was one of my biggest goals.
Intrigued: well how i progressed is by mainly trying to put my name out there everyday.making friends with lots of devs
Intrigued: ,and trying to let my personality shine through because no one wants
Intrigued: a shy and quite model LOL.
AuLiet: lol, they sure don’t. Personality is key.
Intrigued: Haha yes.
AuLiet: Besides personality, did your “signature look” play a role in it too?
Intrigued: omg. YES at first i would change my look at least once a week then when i found a look that i was comfortable with
Intrigued: people started recognizing me with my brown hair and brown skin
Intrigued: a lot of devs have told me that they have liked my look
Intrigued: and i think sticking with this look provides me with my jobs LOL.
Intrigued: but recently i have changed my eyes LOL
AuLiet: loll, well i can agree it is recognizable. . . i can always recognize you on a
AuLiet: runway/fashion show
AuLiet: ooo hazel?
Intrigued: Haha. thanks thats good to know.
Intrigued: Yess i love this color too
AuLiet: ii
AuLiet: compliments you.
Intrigued: ^.^
AuLiet: :}
Intrigued: Haha. Thank you
AuLiet: What was the first job {modeling or runway}
AuLiet: that got you noticed?
Intrigued: Hmm? well i would have to the the Kouture Inc. 2012 fashion show. even though I was wearing black hair at the time ,that night i was working for at least 2 devs
Intrigued: and people would call me for a chat and be like
Intrigued: omg. i remember you, you were the one walking in Kouture
Intrigued: LOL.
AuLiet: lol
AuLiet: ii Go gyalll.
Intrigued: ;D LOL
AuLiet: were u walking for Choco/coco that night?
Intrigued: Yup her and Exquis :3
Intrigued: i was goina walk for one more dev but she ended up not doing it
Intrigued: which was perfectly fine
AuLiet: loll. I see why you would have been walking the whole show
Intrigued: Haha. yes I love the runway
AuLiet: x] Can we expect to see you in any upcoming shows?
Intrigued: Yes. actually you will. 2 maybe if the other show picks back up :3
AuLiet: ii. Congrats, and I have one last question.
Intrigued: Thank you
AuLiet: I consider you to be a role model for upcoming models; do you have any advice
AuLiet: for them?
Intrigued: Hmm? well i have so much to say but ill sum it up LOL.
AuLiet: lol
AuLiet: In
Intrigued: always try to get involved in events and shows because when you do you meet people (aka devs) and if you have that A key personality they will always keep you in mind as maybe using you for a show
AuLiet: Awesome advice !
Intrigued: ^.^
AuLiet: && Thank you so very much for the opportunity to interview you.
AuLiet: ^_^
Intrigued: Thank you for wanting to interview me 😀
Intrigued: can i give a shout out :o?
AuLiet: never got that question b4
AuLiet: but sure x]
Intrigued: LOL. awesome
Intrigued: well theres always these people i wanted to thank because if it wasnt for them i wouldn have never went into modeling and everything i do i always mention them.
Intrigued: Thank you Sage(iish) & Aiko(PrettiKitii) for teaching me everything i know because I have leanred so much from you two
Intrigued: ❤ and all my fam


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