Motion Event – Review

As you all know I attended Motion’s first event on Monday June 18th; I had an awesome time interviewing the developers who participated, even though interviewing isn’t my strong point. Unfortunately due to time constraints I was unable to interview all the developers, but I did get a chance to talk w/ quite a handful of them. Before I begin touring you through the night; I’d like to apologize for the misinformation in the previous post. There was only one day you could sit down and talk to the developers which was Monday; and the products made for that day are only available through the 25th.

So lets begin; I must warn you this is a long post {picture wise}.

-I never did tell you guys where the private jet dropped us off at did I? Well . . . –

Paris, France 😀 ! Right next to the Eiffel Tower !

-That’s me in my formal attire, I might have been slightly overdressed lol; just slightly. And as you can see I brought my camera along, to capture all of the beautiful faces in the room; but to do so I was constantly moving from place to place, which led Coochie x] to think I was creeping around the room, zz I  wasn’t >_> <_< or was I..-

-Each developer had a station/table, where you get to sit and talk with the developer of your choice-


All interviews are posted below the pictures. -Click flyers/ads to visit catalogs-

How would you describe the style/genre of your products?
Mostly random crap I see and like; Hipster.

Is your name inspired by your brand/products or vice versa?
Well my brand came into play around 1-2 years ago. Originally, the name was like a few numbers from a lottery which brought good luck
and so I carried it on and it was just awesome, It actually brought me good luck. IMVU wise.
I know alot of the events and exclusive items you release are inspired by Victoria Secret, do you seek inspiration elsewhere?
Yes, my inspiration comes from stores such as UO, Lanvin, Jeffrey Campbell of course
and just plain real life optics I snap without people noticing xP

How would you describe the style/genre of your products?
Well, I don’t think I have a style or genre, lol. I like a lot of things. Like as for music, I love all kinds of music, same with fashion
But when it comes to developing on IMVU, I feel more comfortable making urban style clothes so I guess that would be my genre? lol.

Do you take the time out to create intricate/interesting advertisements for all of your collections
 && is there a reason behind that?
Yeah, I do actually. I like to tell a story for my ads and the collection along with it
Cool, and do you draw the inspiration for your products from one place {i.e mag,tumblr,ect}?
music videos and movies to be honest with you. used to be a film student, so I get my ideas from that.


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