Drama Much ?

Heyy Everyone

It’s been a minute since I sat down and actually wrote about anything other than fashion, although this pulse will include a little something something about fashion lol. As you all know there has been quite a lot of drama on IMVU, so I decided to meet up with my little sister Iesha (Iesha@IMVU) and my bestie Sandy (Gloiire@IMVU) at our favorite lounge, Reflection. So while we were waiting for our drinks and entrees  to arrive, I brought up the topic of people taking IMVU a bit to far. IMVU is suppose to be a fun website where you can build friendships, create awesome products, and generally express yourself in a way that you can’t in real life. And the minute IMVU stops being that type of place for you, then maybe your taking it a bit to far. These website SHOULD NOT affect you once you log off and go about your day, and if it does then maybe you need to QUIT or maybe you should associate with a different group of people. The people you surround yourself with, truly affects how positive or negative your experience will be on IMVU. So with that being said, if you surround yourself with POSTIVE & GENUINE people, then your bound to enjoy yourself on IMVU. I know people are bound to encounter drama every once in a while on IMVU because where emotions are involved, drama is sure to occur, but it should NEVER go beyond IMVU and affect your daily routine.

I really hope this post encourages you all to choose your friends wisely and stay out of the DRAMA because its not worth it. {: And HAVE FUN, because like I always say once I log off, AuLiet does not exist to me or anyone else outside of IMVU

Aha, but now to my OOTD

On AuLiet: Top Bottom Shoes Purse

vv-Girls Night Out-vv


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