Getting to Know HisTouch

1:  When did you began developing?
– I started to developing around a year ago , i was very on and off and very debatable about if i was to do it or not , but i said ” hey why not develop and show people my style “
2. What’s your “claim to fame,” on IMVU, what are you most known for (i.e dev/socialbutterfly/model/ect.)?
– Well honestly I’m most known for someone who B*****s a lot { rl stuff } But honestly , i model part time , I’m a developer as you know and as well as a very social-butterfly ♥
3. Do you consider yourself to be unique? If so, what makes your products/style so unique?
– Yes , i consider myself unique because , i look at fashion in a very different way from others , i honestly don’t like to wear ” what is in style ” because that makes you BLEND in with the crowd while i like to STAND-OUT , so i normally look for random pieces of clothing whether at several different stores and if i see that . that piece of clothing has potential i fix it up until I’m happy with it ^_^
4. You mentioned to me previously that you have an official group of models, called The Bunnies? What is the story behind the naming of your models and who are they?
– Well The story really isn’t very complicated , everyone has random names for their model groups, while as to I like to keep it plain and simple ” Bunnies ” , <— It’s Cute , Plain , and simple Just like me ^_^ , My Models aren’t exactly ready to be named, I’m still looking for high quality models , everyone can be a Model but not EVERYONE can be a Bunnie ♥
5. Do you plan on hosting a fashion show in the future? If so, what type of products should we expect to see as in theme wise? 
– Yes I’m actually working on one right now , styles/themes , Not so sure about that , {lol} just be ready to be surprised by what you see 😛



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