Neon-Street Fashion Show REVIEW

Heyy Bellas & Bellos, this is long overdue but I’ve been busy lately. But nonetheless, let me tell you about my Fashion Show that I’ve been raving about for like months ! In my perspective it didn’t go as smoothly as I would have wanted it to go; but heyy it’s the net and things happen. Above is a picture of my models on the runway along side me in the black outfit, and I thought the models I used did absolutely awesome! So kudos to, Pravaana, JaylinCarr, Ocsaverdna, and Dapperish; they did absolutely well and worked my garments flawlessly. In addition if this collection sells well, lol then I hope I’ll be able to showcase another collection in the future. I absolutely love the process of fashions shows, especially putting the room together; for this show I took an empty ambient black room and added all of the furniture, from the grass, to the street runway, to the benches.

All in all, I’d like to thank everyone who came out to SUPPORT me.

You can see all individual pieces from the show in my LookBook

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&& Thanks to my homegirl Gloiire for modeling the swimsuit with me !


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