Embrace Your Face Campaign

Heyy Bellos and Bellas

Do you remember when I posted about embracing who you are and what  you look like; despite what anyone says to you? Well, if you don’t I’m going to give you a quick refresher and explain this campaign in the process. Way back when, probably around 25posts ago lol. I sort of ranted about how judgmental people are on IMVU about what others avatars look like, as well as what people look like in Real-Life. And I told you that despite what people think BE WHO YOU ARE and DRESS HOW YOU WANT. If you feel like being a furry, then be a furry or if your extremely dark or light, then -eff what people say and show who you truly are.

Me and Ian decided to portray African Americans who have Albinism in the above picture. Why? Because we think they are absolutely gorgeous people and because they receive the most discrimination on a NATIONAL SCALE. I’m not saying they are denied jobs, but they do receive a lot of “heat,” from bullies as well as the fashion industry; I’m only aware of two albino models who are Diandra Forrest and Sean Ross.

So as a way to encourage people to embrace who they are, I ask you all to share a short uplifting quote or statement and include a picture of your avatar with it. Your picture should reflect your idea of BEAUTY, which may or may not be someone else’s ideal of beauty {scars/moles/disabled/fat/skinny/stud/flamboyant/transgender}




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