Love Angels’ Fashion Show, by Pierce

Heyy Bellas && Bellos,

I’m finally back with a review of the EPIC Love Angels’ Fashion Show. Let me tell you all, it was absolutely AWESOME, not only was Pierce’s outfits creative and on-point but so was the show.He presented his latest collections in a four segment show, with each segment having a different theme and SCENERY. Mhm, thats right, he changed the layout between each segment and that is the FIRST time I ever seen that done at a Fashion Show. What could have easily been disastrous, ultimately turned out to be an AWESOME choice. As for those who brought tickets for the show which were around 3k, went home with a few pieces of Pierce’s collection, along with an exclusive {not sold in catalog} outfit from the show. So believe me, those who purchased the ticket got their money’s worth. Since I was in it I was unable to take any pictures of us walking but I was able to get a picture of the finale and I took a few in my photo room.



vv-Me taming the AfroPuff before the show-vv




SuperAngels – GameTime – RomanticJungle – Pink Earth




Bre & I dancing





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