Who’s that girl ?!

While I was on vacation in Hollywood, I decided to stroll down Rodeo Dr. and look at the shops, and to my surprise I ran into CITYFAMOUS !! And, guess what y’all? She invited me to spend the day with her and I was able to get an exclusive interview as well.
1. How did you come up with the avatar name CityFamous?

Well I do absolutely love the City Since I did grew up and was raised in it so it’s something the define me as well, as for Famous I do love that glamorous lifestyle and that “lights,camera,action” Hollywood type vibe so putting those two together defines me alot (:

2. What do you do as a member on IMVU {Model,blog, ect.)?
Well I do model for some catalogs when asked I also enjoy modeling for blogs such as Blushchic and BossedFashion. I do enjoy doing Hair developing so I do that as well (: and I’m a Radio co-host for “Adore Time Radio” which I have alot of fun and even before adore time radio I used to host in “House of fashion Radio” as well so I mainly do those (:
3. How long have you been a member of IMVU?
I’d say one year or two I suppose? lol but I mean throughout those years I enjoyed (:
4. What is the story behind JoJoMarlin’s hair, that is named after you?
Well, It all started by this hair combination that I thought of inspired by my two favorite music artists which are Rihanna and Cassie. so then I requested for this to be made and she did. So I did thought it would be a great idea to have this hair out (:
5. When did you begin creating and what type of products do you create?
I began Id say last month ? and I enjoy and absolutely LOVE doing hair. many has suggested me to start doing clothing as well but as of not I’m not looking forward to do that yet, but I’d still keep it in mind to begin with that project (:
6. What and/or who inspired you to begin creating?
Honestly, Envied inspired me a lot to start on doing hairs because don’t no one knows how much I love search and looking for new hairs but him. so he suggested and pushed me to do that and Id have to thank him a lot for that (:
7. Do you see yourself expanding the type of products you make in the future?
Yes I definitely do, and who knows I can just have a Fashion show for it? nothing is promised but that’s just an idea that I have in mind as well (:
8. Are you planning any fashion shows or events in the near future?
Uhmm, I just might do it because Ive been thinking about it a lot and I would love to show people my colors and even put out new colors as well so we’ll see (:
After we finished looking at the shops on Rodeo Drive, we jumped into a limo, so Cee could unveil her star on Hollywood Boulevard! And of course on our way there she had to change into another fabulous outfit.
Lastly, we ended the day by going to an upscale restaurant && enjoying a delicious dinner. Cee, being the fabulous girl she is, is wearing an exclusive dress made custom by frenchie91.


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