Dark Angel


I don’t usually post fashion show reviews back to back like this unless its a Fashion Week but heyy it is what it is. Pravanna has just given us a preview into her newest collection, Dark Angel. Let me tell you, these designs were absolutely stunning, from the unique designing of the texture to the intricate shape of the garments. I am still in awe at this collection lol, she took a totally different approach to this collection as opposed to her previous collections. I loved every piece she showcased within this show and cannot wait until hits IMVU’s catalog. In addition to the her gorgeous products, she chose an awesome location for her fashion; it felt as if were trapped inside a snowflake? lol don’t know. It was as if the models were appearing from a distance through fog; ha, I’m not sure if that made sense but all you need to know is that it was AWESOME. BTW, this is an AP collection so must be over 18 & have Access Pass to view it in the catalog and this is not her full collection. All images if clicked will take you to product page.


Haus of Pravanna Models: GlamV1, Stubbornly, and HiqhlyRated {Excellent Job}


The Audience was asked to wear all WHITE

{SnoCartier, IanFoxx, AuLiet[me]}


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