Developer Feature: Vladimir And Updates

Heyy Bellas and Bellos ! As you can see today I am featuring yet another developer and I wanted to showcase to you how you can rock a set in multiple outfits, so here we go. The theme Vladimir was going for was obviously American, and since I didn’t want to wear all three pieces together, I decided to break them into  three outfits. And I think it came out pretty good, I absolutely love how all three outfits display a distinct style from the one beside it. Vladimir did a fantastic job on these three pieces, so I highly suggest you check out the rest of his catalog. As always click the image or his name to visit his catalog.

Can you guess what’s in STYLE this SPRING?






Mhm, so please dig in your inventory for all of your fashionable neon accessories and shoes because it is making a COMEBACK this spring. Since I noticed NEON is making an appearance this spring, I thought so should I; so I’ll be presenting my 2nd Fashion Show this Spring entitled Neon-Street. I have been working on this collection since the beginning of March and lol hopefully I’ll finish before Summer gets here -fingers crossed-. This collection will be featuring men’s and women’s fashion; I was inspired to create this collection when I seen Calvin Klein’s new advertisements, so I think  you’re all in for a treat.



In addition to my show, there are also several developers Fashion Shows coming up as well and other various events/promos. Pravanna will be presenting her newest line next Friday and as you heard on AdoreTime Radio, Envied is hosting a show where developers such as Justonia, Diiva, Low, Pierce, and various others battle it out on the runway. 😮 Almost forgot EccentricRoyale is also hosting a show as well for upcoming underground Developers to showcase their newest creations as well, and this show is ironically entitled “TheClimb.” Last but certainly not least IanFoxx is holding a MaleModel search for his blog ThatsSoDebanair, so please fellas CHECK THAT OUT !

I know that was a mouthful, but I thought yall needed to know ! {:


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