Trend Fashion Week: ArianeEmory and Wiiing

Before I begin, I just want to give Trend Studios a shout out. They did an awesome job planning this Fashion Week, every show was completely unique to the particular designer showcasing that day. I highly recommend everyone to attend Trend’s future Fashion Week, it is well worth the fee.  I only have one regret from this week, and that is missing my favorite mesh developer Delure’s fashion show.

Can’t forget the MODELS, there would be no show without them: DoubleDee, LylMyszThang, EsReverniDrawrof, NaniCharmed, AmbieBoo89, and Dyzgrace


*All images will take you directly to product page*

This show was absolutely unique; you can tell time, money, and patience went into planning this show. In the center of the runway was a bed with an open diary laying on it with pages floating above it and while the models were walking across the runway, ArianeEmory told an enchanting tale. She also had some gorgeous products, I wasn’t able to get a picture of them all but they were stunning. Excellent work !


*All images will take you directly to product page*

This show, had a gorgeous centerpiece as well and might I mention that the music was AWESOME! Lol, loved the playlist for this show and the products were SPOT ON, they weren’t exactly my style but they really caught my eye.  Well done, I cannot wait for you to release another collection of gorgeous items!


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