OOTD and Naturelle Partnerships

Heyy Bellas & Bellos, I have some important information that I want you guys to know, but before I do that let me give you an OOTD. I absolutely love frenchie91’s new skins, they are freakin’ fabulous. I’ve been asking her for a while now, when was she going to make more, and she finally created some ! Aha, I knew my nagging would work; just joking; so please don’t go nagging this woman! Anyway, I love the bright lipstick she chose for this collection and I knew I had to find an outfit to compliment it. So peep the picture below, and if you like the outfit don’t hesitate to click the links and purchase.








Now, that I’ve giving you an outfit of the day lets get down to business. I’m looking to advertise developers on my blog, with no added fee but I do ask a favor. I have two months left of model school and due to the absence of HauteFashion I don’t have all the “guest,” teachers and/or speakers I promised when I made these classes. So if you’re interested in helping aspiring models and getting your products out here please leave a comment or message me at AuLiet@IMVU. In addition, just to let you know how much exposure you’ll be getting, I’ll briefly explain my site stats. My blog has approximately 60 subscribers and brings in 120+ visitors every-time I updated my blog. Since I began my blog last summer, I think around August it has accumulated  11,599 views and that number is constantly growing. I’ll also be adding a new tab for advertisements, so that your catalog is easily accessible and whenever you have new products, feel free to message me the images. I hope some of you are interested in this partnership, I believe its a great opportunity for you, Naturelle’s aspiring model-students, and your credit balance lol.


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