Blog Of The Day: La Mode Noir

Today’s blog is La Mode Noir, and I’m so excited to tell you guys about this one ! Shezahdi’s fashion blog is absolutely my favorite blog and I can’t express enough how much I enjoy reading and checking out her OOTDs. Her style is oh so genuine and it pushes the boundaries of not only one genre of fashion but all of them. She is one of the only Fashionista/Stylist I know who can take any style and turn into something absolutely her own. Even before her blog, when I use to see her in public rooms she always had on these outrageous combination of clothing but yet seemed to pull them off. && I would always wonder where did she find some of those pieces, because I really use to think -.- she shopped from a secret catalog, lol since I never seen what she was wearing before. So I was pretty stoked when she told me she was going to make a blog, and if you’ve been with me from the beginning you know I featured her old blog on here before. {: So as always click the image to visit LaModeNoir ! {:


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