TheGangstaMuffin Fashion Show


vv-The Skins-vv

{MakeUp: Olivia, April, Dani, Alissa, & Cherry}

Models: PureAdore, ElectriqKiss, InikoSantana, and WellDefined


-Designed by ExoticaRain

vv-The Host && Provider of Models-vv


Two of my favorite developers

Left: MissC

Right: Pinotteux

Heyy Bellas & Bellos

I hope you all were able to attend his show on Monday, because it was F-A-B-U-L-O-U-S. {: The skins looked absolutely gorgeous, the room was stunning, and the audience wasn’t to shabby looking either. TheGangstaMuffin, did an excellent job as always and I’m loving his dark brown skins. I loved this show, even though it started almost an hour late but heyy its IMVU we have glitches, technical difficulties, and anything else IMVU throws at us. But, overall once the show started everyone’s eyes were glued to the runway. The skins as I said before were gorgeous, the make up was original, the highlights and shading of the skins were realistic, and the details on the skins were perfect! The models in this show were phenomenal and I doubt they know but I look forward to seeing them rip the runway every time they’re in a fashion show. In addition, while I was there I was surprised to see MissC and Pinotteux, ha I freaking love MissC’s shoes and Pinotteux’s skins, super glad to see them there as well. Lastly, some of the images are clickable such as TheGangstaMuffin image which will take you to his catalog. The pictures of the skins will take you directly to  the product page and the room will take you to ExoticaRain’s catalog. I hope you enjoy this review !



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