Blog of the Day: PrettiLegit

Yep, its your favorite Blog Kitten, mhm thats right I’m featuring PrettiKitt’s blog today. I’ve been reading her blog since she created it way back when. I love this blog for several reasons, not only does she give you original outfits of the day but she also informs you on important changes or additions on IMVU. In addition, she also voices her opinion on miscellaneous issues on IMVU such as dating, artwork stealing, and reviews of fashion shows. Kitti’s blog is packed with information on various topics, and that’s why I truly love reading the material she posts, and she has GREAT GRAMMAR. I can’t tell  you how many times I came across a blog that had -.- so many grammatical errors that I couldn’t read it, including my own sometimes lol. But anyway, I really encourage you all to check out her blog if you already haven’t ! You’ll find fabulous outfits there as well, she is like the queen of layering lol, so please click the image and visit PrettiLegit.



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