Blog of the Day: IMVUlook

Heyy, to start off this BlogWeek I chose Nubian’s blog IMVUlook. I’ve been an admirer of his blog for a while now.  His style is so daringly chic its ridiculous. He combines patterns, textures, colors, and sometimes he throws in a little nudity to set off the look. His style may not be seen often, but that is the exact reason why I love his blog so much. IMVUlook not only shows fashion here on IMVU but it also displays images of real models and fashionistas such as Solange Knowles. In addition, he also uses models who possess the same sense of style as he does, such as IanFoxx who is my official model and a good friend of mine. So cheaaaaaaaaaa Foxx ! Lastly, due to the increasing amounts of blogs being made, Nubian will not update his until the blog trend dies down. :”[ So, I’ma need people who are thinking of blogging to find another hobby, just kidding {:. As always, by clicking the photo it will take you directly to his blog.

Thank you Nubian for letting me feature you in my blog as well as posing for a photoshoot.

Much Appreciated {: !


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