Bellas And Bellos, Did Yall Know…?!

That I’m having a . . .

Mhm, thats right. I’m going to be reviewing my FAVORITE blogs! I’m sure you all know by now that I’m an avid reader of blogs, which are conveniently located on the right hand side of my blog. So please take a look at all of them if you can, I promise you won’t regret it.

In case your wondering what I’m wearing, I’ll post links below.





In addition, Sugarysun has just released a new line specifically for the fellas only and its called HIMAVANTA! Please, my fashion forward bellos check out his latest collection because I’m positive you’ll love it; these outfits are very daring and fashion forward hence the name of the collection. I’m assuming its the male version of the style avant garde, which is when an artist or designer goes beyond what is either  acceptable fashion wise and pushes the boundaries of every aspect of art and/or fashion. With that being said, I hope you all enjoy the images below and as always by clicking them, will take you to his catalog.

Last but surely not least. Do not forget about the FASHION SHOW’S this week. I’ll be posting the flyers down below so that you guys can see what developers will be showcasing new designs. Additionally, to attend the Trend Fashion Week, you must join their group {Trend Studios} and RSVP for each show individually. Unlike other show’s there is a fee you have to pay to attend each show, all proceeds from fashion week will go towards there Developer’s Scholarship fund. It’s truly worth the price, especially since most of the developers in the show hardly ever do fashion shows.

I hope to see you all within the audience of at least  one of these fashion shows !

Aha, almost forgot. Our Naturelle family is now at 58 subscribers, and that’s just freakin amazing ! This blog has grown so much so I want to show my appreciation to my subscribers. At my “80th” subscriber I will host a contest and I’ll host another contest if I reach my “100th” subscriber. So if you enjoy reading and following my blog, show your IMVU friends and family it. They may enjoy it too !


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