Ooo So Naturelle

Heyy naturelle Bellas and Bellos, how are you ?! I haven’t posted a non-advertisement update in a while and I thought I owe yall one. So here it is. Remember when I said I was going to give my Naturelle products a makeover? Well, I did and I stepped up the quality of the products as well as the icons! Do yall look like it? and be honest -.- Puhhhleease don’t have ya girl out here making crappy products  and not tell me lol. Trust me, I don’t get offended especially if its coming from my Naturelle Fam. {: Well anyway, lets move on to the purpose of this post.

I did a photoshoot to showcase my new Layerable Wide Leg Trousers, && I absolutely love this photoshoot it looks so couture if I must say so myself. x] I truly hope you enjoy the images and are motivated to buy them loll, they are quite bold and are truly a great asset to your wardrobe. They are pretty pricey though, :/ but not due to my pricing. I’m only earning 50cr per sale, because the mesh was pretty expensive.

As always images will take you to product page.

Special, “Thank You” to my models you were absolutely awesome !

Models: HiqhlyRated {BerryPlum}, Pravanna {Charcoal}, GlamVI {Hazelnut}, Me {BlueBerry}


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