Fashion Week 2012 hosted by Trend Magazine

Heyy bellas and bellos, I’m here to bring you another update! As you can see by the title of this post its about an upcoming Fashion Week, which means that your invited to attend a week full of Fashion Shows by top designers on IMVU. Not only is it a week full of fashion bliss, but its all hosted by Trend Magazine, an IMVU Magazine that has been bringing you quality reading material since June 2007. I’m pleased to say that I’ve been reading their magazine since 2009, and I’m STILL reading it ! You know its quality work, when a magazine has been running for approximately six years! I hope you all join their group, and sign-up for this event, because I would love to see my naturelle bellas and bellos in the crowd! As always, all links will be below.

Join Trend Studios

Request to Attend Show in this Thread

OH EM GEE ! Yall have caught me in my night attire! Well, since you already seen me I might as well give you the links {; !


Sheer Top

Boy Shorts



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